What to do when your car is written off by a storm in Melbourne?

Storms are as frequent as breakdowns on Melbourne’s Eastlink are. When your car breaks

Cash For Cars Melbourne

down, what do with it? Selling it to a cash for car dealer is one option. Cash for car dealers

give you instant cash for your car – what’s more, they will also remove your car if insurance

has written it off as scrap.

Melbourne’s weather is as unpredictable as Donald Trump’s decisions are

The snow cover has become quite patchy, reported Sky News Weather Chief Meteorologist,

Tom Saunders, a few days ago.

The weather takes its toll more effectively than Melbourne’s East Link does. A single storm

can wipe out the entire value of a car, truck, van of jeep.

Storm Damaged Cars
Damaged Car Melbourne

Has your car been written off by the Melbourne Storms?

If so, you’ll be pleased to know that there are used car dealers who will pay you cash for

your car – even though it’s worth next to nothing.

Cash for car dealers or car removal services as they are sometimes called, buy cars whose

value has been written off by insurance companies for whatever reason:

– Thunderstorm

– Snowstorm

– Accident

– Lack of Pink Slip

– Lack of Green Slip

– Lack of REGO

– Engine not working

– Inability of owner to pay the insurance or mortgage repayments

Cash for car dealers pay you a fair price for your vehicle

We’ve never met a customer whose sold their car to a cash for car dealer and whose beendisatisfied with the price yet” says Raymond Tan, a Melbourne-based Car Buyer.

The reason is – cash for car dealers not only pay a price to their customers they didn’texpect to receive for their old cars, they also pay them their cash instantly.

The process of selling your car to a cash for car dealer is straightforward

1. You call your cash for car dealer and obtain a quote over the phone

2. Once you accept the Quote, they send a guy over to your home to physically inspect

your car (so if you’re engine is missing, be sure to report it to your cash for car buyer

over the phone)

3. Should you accept the quote, they pay you on the spot and drive away with your car

What about paperwork involved with transferring your vehicle?

They’ll handle that for you as well – many cash for car dealers will bring the paperwork with them – all you’ve got to do is sign it.

Pro Car Removal is a company that cares about its customers

Because we care, we dare to give you a better price for your vehicle. As Melbourne’s premier cash for car company and car removal service, we are always looking for old cars to buy. If your car has been damaged in the recent Melbourne Storms, do considerselling it to us. We guarantee a good price matched by polite, friendly sales and aftersales service!

To sell your car or to obtain a FREE Quote over the phone for it, please call us now on

0420 474 829.

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