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Pro Car Removal is a one-stop solution for getting a Cash for Car Removal in Geelong. We pay cash for cars straight up, getting your car picked up the same day through our professionals. There is only one step involved – calling us.

One call, and all your car problems are resolved. Got an old car? A bit damaged and immovable? Rusty and completely unusable?

Well, we find value in those too! Reach out to us at 0420 474 829 and make the best of any situation.

Car Removal Geelong

Why Should I Call Pro Car Removal?

The answer is pretty simple – convenience.

If you’re looking for a seamless experience that causes no hassles for you while delivering the best value for your car, then we are your people. As licensed Car Wreckers in Geelong, we know the troubles you have to go through every day.

So, no matter if you’re looking to –

  • Haul your old car off your property
  • Scrap off a car that met with an accident
  • Get rid of a car you don’t use anymore
  • Sell your car for the best price

We’ve got your back!

24/7 Free Car Removals in Geelong and Beyond

We do everything you want us to.
Think 24×7 car collections, on the spot Cash for Cars in Geelong, deals for all kinds of cars, free car removal and complete paperwork management.

Plus, being friendly Car Wreckers, our staff is always courteous and goes the extra mile to make the procedure easier for you.

Which Cars Do You Remove?

All of them! If it’s a car and needs to be removed, we take care of it.
No questions. No negotiations. No costs.

We offer Free Car Removals in Geelong for:

  • Damaged Cars
  • Junk Cars
  • Old Vehicles
  • 4x4s
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Unwanted cars

And practically anything on four wheels.

But Why should I opt for A Car Removal for My Car?

Well, firstly, it would create a ton of space on your property. We know the vehicle just sitting there is not helping anyone.
More importantly, you shall be helping the environment first hand.

As an eco-friendly Car Wrecker in Geelong, we have made a commitment to the community to turn the world into a better place. Consequently, all the bought cars are recycled completely, reconditioned to make the parts work, and then resold or reused.

Being experts in the field, we use professional processes that remove any batteries or hazardous elements before recycling. You can always expect top-class service that does right by you and the environment.

How to Schedule A Car Removal in Geelong?

This is where our 5-step process comes in. And guess what? You only have to take the first step; we do all the rest.

Call us or fill the online form to give all the details about your car

  • Age
  • Condition
  • Make
  • Model

We consider all the variables and come back with a no-obligation quote

Once you accept the quote, we schedule a free car removal as per your choice, comfort and convenience
Our experts reach the spot to inspect the vehicle and complete all the paperwork
We load up the car, pay your cash and leave

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. You shall be getting Cash for Cars within hours of your call to us.

Let’s Do This Right Away! Contact Us For A Free Quote

Don’t worry about a towing company, repairs or any kind of wash either. Simply call us at 0420 474 829, and we shall come running to remove your car from wherever you point at.
All for free, always! Plus, you get a fair price too.

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