How to Sell Your Scrap Car in Melbourne

Scrap CarsIn days past, there would be costs involved in getting rid of a scrap car. There would also be years or decades of the car polluting the environment in a landfill. Today that has changed with scrap car removal companies like Pro Car Removal. We are a car removal company that pays cash for scrap cars.

Your scrap car may have been sitting and deteriorating for years; regardless, we’ll pick it up at no cost to you, and put a cash payment in your hands. A cash payment that could be a couple hundred dollars or more. We don’t require that you go to the chore of prepping the car for us to recycle its scrap metals, we do that at no cost, as well.

We are a car removal, car recycling company that buys & collects scrap cars to recycle. When we recycle a scrap car, truck, van, SUV, or 4×4, we get the most value from the car. Our recyclers are tops in the business, following the green principles of green recycling to maximise the value of the car, and to provide a car disposal that is eco-friendly.

Our removal company is an alternative to disposing of scrap cars in landfills; polluting the environment for years to follow. We are also the closest thing to the easiest way to get rid of a scrap car. Have the car parked in an easy to access area with the plates for the car removed, and contact us for a cash quote. It is that easy to sell your car to Pro Car Removal.

Car owners that would like to sell their scrap cars to us can do so in an easy three-step process:

• 1. Contact our appraiser for a cash quote. Cash quotes can be obtained over the phone or online.
• 2. Accept or reject our cash quote for your scrap car.
• 3. Schedule a free removal anywhere in Melbourne. Your removal can be scheduled at a time that fits your schedule, and always performed at no cost to our local customers.

Selling your car to Pro Car Removal is practically a no-brainer. You have a scrap car that you know has value in its scrap metals. We are a car removal company that buys scrap cars to recycle those scrap metals, offering our customers ease when selling a scrap car. Call us at 0420 474 829.

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