Old Car Removal in Melbourne just got easier.

If Instant Cash is what you’re after for your old vehicle, then Pro Car Removal’s Old Car Removal Melbourne Service is what you need.  

Sell your Old Car to Pro Car Removal Melbourne – get Instant Cash for it.

Melbourne-based, we are specialists in Old Car Removals. Sell your Old Car, Accident-damaged Car or Old Truck to us – and receive up to $9,999 in cash for your vehicle.

Looking to Sell a Used Truck? We buy Used Trucks too. All brands, makes and models. 

Instant Cash for Cars – available here 

We live in a world where everything is Instant. Including Cash – when you sell your Old or Unwanted Car to us. 

Old Car Removals

Melbourne’s premier Cash for Car dealer, we buy all types of cars:

  • Old Cars
  • Used Cars
  • Unwanted Cars 
  • Repossessed Cars 
  • Abandoned Cars
  • Unregistered Cars 
  • Cars with or without Pink or Green Slips
  • Old Trucks 
  • Used Trucks 
  • Registered Trucks
  • Unregistered Trucks 
  • Abandoned Trucks 
  • All Types of Vehicles 

Why Sell your Used Car or Used Truck to a Car Removal Service? 

  • Receive Top Dollar 
  • Cash on the Spot 
  • FREE Quote over the phone in 5 minutes 
  • Vehicle Pick-up from your Residence 
  • Same-day Quote and Sale 
  • Complimentary Garage Clean-out if required
  • Full Assistance with Vehicle Disposal Paperwork 

Pro Car Removal is an expert in providing Car Removal Services in Melbourne

In order to provide Car Removal Services in Melbourne, a Cash for Car Company or Car Removal Services firm has to be registered with authorities. 

Pro Car Removal is licensed by VicRoads Melbourne to remove cars that may have broken down on any key arterial road or motorway in Melbourne or any part of Victoria. 

If your car has broken down, Vic Roads may tow it away themselves and then bill you for their Towing Services which could be in excess of $220. 

Pro Car Removal will deliver the same service at a cost that will always be more affordable. Do note: costs may vary based on your location. 

What drives Pro Car Removals? Passion

Passion is what puts you in the driver’s seat. And passion for providing Towing Car Services in Melbourne is what we deliver best. Towing Cars plus providing assistance to customers in distress is what we love to do most for a living at Pro Car Removals Melbourne. 

Is it the end of the road for a Car or Truck you own? 

If so, do consider giving us a call at Pro Car Removal Services Melbourne. At Pro Car, we are energetic, efficient and waste no time getting our Pick-up Vans out to you. 

Our drivers are trained in the area of courtesy and care. They understand what an accident is- stressful. And are trained to be resilient in every aspect of service – from the way they answer the phone to the way they treat you when they arrive at your accident-site, home or business premise. 
For a Car Removal Service, Melbourne trusts, please call us today on 0420 474 829 or email us on info@procarremoval.com.aui

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