5 Reasons Why Your Old Car May Be Unsafe

Old cars are often just not worth the trouble. Their technology is far from advanced, they lack essential safety features and their efficiency is not even worth mentioning. The older the car, the more issues it likely has. If you’re saddled with an old car that you’d like to get rid of, contact Pro Car Removal. We pay Instant Cash for Cars in Melbourne and will be happy to buy your old car today.

Here are some reasons why it would be a good idea to book a Free Old Car Removal in Melbourne for your old vehicle

Crash Test Rating

It’s old, and crash test ratings can be inaccurate. Crash tests are performed with vehicles of similar size. Unfortunately, the tests are not performed on different sized vehicles that may be involved in an accident. If the car is smaller and involved with larger vehicles like an SUV or truck, the ratings will not offer a clear idea of the outcome for the smaller vehicle.

Lacking Weight Sensors

Newer cars offer the safety of “smart” airbags where older cars lack the safety. Smart airbags are designed to sense the weight of the driver. Knowing the driver’s weight, the bags will deploy at different speeds for each driver, offering greater safety in the event of an accident. Newer cars are also more tailored to each person’s height, which helps to keep children and short drivers from injury and death from airbags.

Outdated Safety Ratings

Car safety standards are higher than years gone past. Safety ratings are dependent on the car’s year; which means that even if an older car had a five-star rating years ago, it could very well be lower or fail in the present day.

Crash Avoidance Technology

Anti-lock braking technology was designed in 2013. The braking technology is a safety feature that helps to reduce the risk of skidding should a driver have to brake fast. The anti-lock braking system is also designed with electronic stability control that helps reduce the risk of a vehicle spin out when braking hard.

Hands-Free Driving

Bluetooth integrated vehicles help reduce the risk of distractions. Many technologies were not present in days past. GPS commands, calls on the mobile, congested road traffic, etc. With Bluetooth integrated vehicles, drivers have the help they require when distracted.

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