Sell Used Cars For Top Cash In Perth

Your used car can fetch you a price that could be as high as $9,999 in Perth.

If you’re struggling to pay off the loan on your car, have had an accident or simply have a car that no longer runs the way it once did, then you may want to give a cash for car dealer like Pro Car Removal a call.

Pro Car Removal is a cash for car and scrap car dealer located in Perth

We believe in paying top dollar for cars we purchase from our customers. Stalwarts in the cash for car industry, we have been an integral part of it for over a decade.

Cash For Used Cars
Used Cars Perth

Cash for cars is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia

There is a reason – cash for car dealers provide communities with much needed car removal services.

When cars have been in accidents, have been abandoned or written off by insurance companies – they are often left on side streets by their owners. Unethical, and unnecessary, abandoning a car by removing its number plates does not absolve a vehicle owner of responsibility.

Police and Council can trace a car back to its owner using a vehicle’s chassis number or license plates.

It is unlawful to leave a car that’s no longer roadworthy on the streets

If you leave a car on a street in Perth, the local Council has the right to issue you with a penalty notice followed by a fine.

Council also has the right to remove your vehicle without your permission – selling it as scrap metal after a period deemed to be reasonable by the Law.

Why abandon your car when you can receive cash for it?

Cash for car dealers buy old cars paying their customers instant cash for them.

That’s right, if you have a car that is old, accident-damaged, written off by insurance or that may even lack a Pink or Green Slip, you don’t have to abandon it by the side of a street.

Instead, you can have a cash for car dealer look at it.

Cash for car dealers will give you cash on the spot for your vehicle – regardless of its make, model or condition

The sum cash for car dealers will pay you for your vehicle is generally $50 to $500 if your car has been badly damaged.

If it’s relatively new, about to be repossessed or partially used – the amount we give you could be even more – up to $9,999 – in cash.

Why sell your car today to a Cash for Car dealer like Pro Car Removal Perth?

It’s simple – Pro Car Removal will give you Instant Cash for cars.

How good will that feel? Think of what you can do with the money. Pay off a credit card debt that’s been hanging around like a bad smell for a while. Buy beers for you and your mates – for weeks. Get a new mobile phone or electronic gadget off E-bay.

Would you like us to quote on your car?

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